Cross-platform web browser based on webkit



Arora is a simple cross-platform web browser created as a demo to help test QtWebKit, a web browser engine based on Webkit.

Its aspect and functionality are very similar to Firefox's, even though it will never be able to be as personalized as Firefox. This is due to the small number of preferences that you can edit.

Arora is devoted to offering quick and comfortable browsing. With the QtWebkit web browser engine, Arora can access websites as fast as Safari or Chrome, which both use Webkit.

Arora offers a history index where you can see the previously visited pages. Also, you have the opportunity to erase the sites that you want from the history index.

In addition, you can bookmark your favorite sites, so that you can indicate the webpages that you want to access faster in the future.

To do this, you have to connect to an integrated search engine, automatic data erasing, an easy-to-use download manager, private browsing, zoom options, and full screen.